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Grann.org was originally a domain only dedicated to my Japanese passion, an original Celica GT FOUR ST185 4×4 – Carlos Sainz Limited version.
The car was bought as a wreck in the summer of 2010, picked it up in Kalmar (Sweden) and drove the approximately 800 kilometers home to Horsens (Denmark), despite the engine had a defect turbo and used more than 19 liters of oil on the journey back. My first car was a Celica ST182 and it´s the main reason for my passion to this similar model with a bit more power and torque. Since then i´ve become obsessed with these rare Japanese classic cars, primarily Toyota’s in this case.
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The second purchase to my collection, bought June 2013 from “Supra Visby” by Dennis, was a not drivable Toyota Celica TA22 Coupe project from 1972 (Flatlight version), engine and a lot of mechanical things were missing but all of the interior was close to perfect.
The project have until now been standing still (summer 2015), but lately it got ripped apart to, so a complete blasting of the car is possible, new used front right and left fenders is bought due to rust problems with the old ones. And a fine tuned original 2T-B engine has been found and purchased by a close Toyota friend nearby.
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Third purchase to the collection is my Toyota Celica RA28 Fastback, bought in 2014 – with plates and all drivable, but the paint is bad and a lot things have been done badly caused by obviously poor mechanical skills by the previous owner. This summer, 2015, the car interior has been stripped apart, all rust spots welded and rust spots only done with a sheet of metal or some rubber glue got redone properly. Followed by stripping all of the original paint etc off inside and a new layer of 2K paint to keep it rustfree the next many years until i´m gonna repaint it and by then, again – strip it down and totally blast the whole car.
Only did this minor project cause the wife and i are getting married till October and we´re gonna use the car to drive from the church, so it needs to be clean and nice.
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Fourth car was a Toyota Corona Stationcar mk2, bought in the spring of 2015, but due to way too much rust and a rather low value even completely renovated the car ended up being scrapped for parts and the frame destroyed. Poor car, but in my opinion the time and money wasn’t worth it.

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Fifth and sixth car to the collection is 2x Toyota Crown Pickup´s, both from 1969, bought in the spring of 2015. One of the cars (the black one) was originally build as a stationwagon, perhaps damaged back then and rebuild as a pickup? Both cars was sold by an old nice farmer named Eigil who recently had sold his huge farm close to Odder, Denmark – nearby Horsens. The cars had been in his possession the last 3 decades (aprox 30 years), but had been sitting in his old barn for more than 20 years. For that reason both cars was very worn and rusty, especially black one, as mentioned above, as caused by the old transformation of it was stuffed with fiberglass which was cracked all over. So, sadly, combined with amount of rust the black one was scrapped for parts and the frame is sold for parts to another Crown Pickup enthusiast here in Denmark named Kenneth. BUT, the red one is looking a lot better and with a huge amount of spares from the black one is it with out any doubt possible to save, but the build will be sitting until i’m done with the project of my Celica TA22.
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I promise to keep you updated on all of them!

The main reason for the website, beside documenting my projects, is to help other enthusiasts with their builds and hopefully share our knowledge.

A forum is upcoming and until then please, use the Facebook message box applikation in the bottom of page.
Any kind of feedback is warmly welcome
Best Regards Grann


Celica repair

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… if you have any questions, feel free to ask!



Source: Privat picture of my own ST185.